Biomechatronics Research Laboratory

At BRL, we are focusing on research problems at the intersection of robotics and biomechanics. We pursue projects in haptics (study of sense of touch and interfaces for providing touch feedback), mechatronics, human-robot interaction, rehabilitation robotics, prosthetics and neuromuscular electrical stimulation. Our research has applications in assistive and rehabilitative technologies for individuals with neurological disorders or amputations; human-robot collaboration, sensorimotor augmentation; psychophysics of touch; and teleoperation.

BRL is part of the Department of Mechanical Engineering in the College of Engineering and Computational Sciences (CECS) at Colorado School of Mines in Golden, Colorado.

Research Questions

Questions that drive our research include: What are the most effective methods for integrating humans and robots in collaborative tasks? How to enhance control and feedback between a human and a robot (or multiple robots)? How to transform outcomes of rehabilitation protocols and functional capabilities of prostheses or assistive devices? How to make robotic rehabilitation and assistive devices more broadly and widely available to users who need them?


In our efforts to answer these questions, we pursue a multidisciplinary approach and employ both analytical and experimental methods that span the fields of robotics, haptics, system identification, control systems, optimization and psychophysics. We work in collaboration with partners from complementary and diverse backgrounds, including biomechanics, physical medicine and rehabilitation, psychophysiology, prosthetics and orthotics, and autonoumous systems.

To learn more

To find out more about our research, explore our research and publications pages, or check out videos of some of our projects on our YouTube channel.

Thank you for your interest in our research.